Arenastore online shop

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Arenastore online shop

Develop a new online shop in a short time, meet the budget and deadline.


In 3 months we’ve developed and launched the online store Arena with special improvements for the administrative interface and order processing.
Implemented improvements to the administrative interface: mass update of characteristics and filters through updating the excel file, drag-and-drop loading and sorting of product images, mass update of categories. Added the ability to specify and display various dimensional grids for the product. Added a menu section that can be edited manually. Made integration with the delivery service NovaPoshta, added the ability to generate and print consignment notes from the administrative panel of the site.
To improve the usability of the site, the following tasks were implemented:

  • setting up authorization and registration via social networks;
  • connected mailing service;
  • redesigned order editing form;
  • setting up and optimizing data synchronization with an external database;
  • creation of thematic catalog pages with the selection of products according to a specific criterion (for example, for a specific brand, for a specific promotion);
  • setting up the rules for applying a discount coupon;
  • data feed generation for Google and Facebook marketplaces.
PHP 7.2, MySQL, Nginx, Javascript

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