Online Sports Store
e-commerce, retail

Create custom online shop for Ukrainian offline store chain Intersport with the ability to book goods or place a purchase online, integrations with internal existing systems, online payment system, courier companies API.


As part of client omnichannel strategy we’ve developed, launched and switched to support mode. Various integrations with existing client data sources (ERP and PIM) and functionality of importing content from the client internal systems and the CMS was implemented. We’ve developed functionality for managing characteristics and products using Excel files, two-way exchange of order information is configured. Integration with the online payment system -, API of logistics operators: Nova Poshta, Justin. The user can register, track the status of the order, compare products by category. Integration of logistics to quickly find new products. Customers check in possibility and outlets support was implemented.

To provide high-quality service to users, a flexible system for changing orders by call center operators has been implemented.
As User Flow has evolved, we’ve kept convenient and simple way for product selection and making an order.
To create the UX, the “Familiar Screens” technique was used. Elements style consistency for user instruments help easy navigation. Optional login (no sign-in wall) and fast loading (1.1 sec for the first content) help our client to boost conversions and create ultimate customer experience.

MySQL, PHP, NodeJS, React (Next.js), Elasticsearch, Ansible, memcached

Intersport online shop


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