Online school

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Online school

Create and launch an online learning platform in the limited amount of time.
Existing solutions are not suitable for the following reason:

  • high cost
  • impossible to customize to Ukrainian educational system

After the national lockdown started, we launched online school MVP in 1.5 months. Platform based on Moodle (open source learning platform) customized templates.
It has different roles with different rights and flows/processes, classes, disciplines, students, schedule, lessons, homework with automatic synchronization in Moodle.
The solution did not satisfy all the processes of the official Ukrainian educational system (assessments, journals, curriculums), and also had a rather complicated interface for children.
Therefore, we began to work on creating a new product, while completely abandoning Moodle, bit by bit replacing its modules.
We have integrated the Bigbluebutton online video communication module, unlike zoom, all the information is stored on our own servers.

Nginx, MySQL, Slim+Propel (PHP), Javascript (jQuery)

Learning management platform teacher flow

Learning management platform student flow

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