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May 12, 2023
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WebbyLab actively operates the Volunteer Fund, which was created to finance the volunteer activities of our employees. This is another important direction of assistance to the military, in addition to the transfer of funds to the special account of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the NBU.

17 activists from our colleages have closed 50 fundraisings since August 2022 with the support of WebbyLab’s special fund. We support initiatives, that aim to fulfill the needs of units or individual military, by doubling the amount raised by our employees. Colleagues purchased and handed over to the front lines cars, drones, thermal imagers, armor vests, warm items, sleeping bags, power modules and batteries, starlinks, generators and hygiene products. We are grateful to our volunteers for the organization and we always happy to support them🇺🇦

For the entire time since the creation of the Volunteer Fund, 2 921 237.95 UAH has been allocated for closing fundraisings. Let’s move on, believe in Victory and do everything possible for it. Glory to Ukraine!

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