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Our values

Engineering culture

We have a separate team at our company, the Engineering Productivity Group (EPG), which develops our architecture, identifies the most efficient technology stack, and formalizes development processes.

Members of this group regularly conduct architectural reviews and assist other teams with complex technical issues.

This reduces the overall cost of development through standardization and quality improvement, accelerates developer training, and improves team-to-peer sharing, all thanks to the EPG link.

Team and Respect

We always work with full-stack teams of 4 to 12 people.

We often share our experience with the development community, as it is important for us to be a part of it.

Knowledge sharing is important to us. Senior developers help more junior developers. 9 out of 10 juniors (with first-hand experience) successfully pass the trial period.

The whole company celebrates team members’ birthdays. We also host a corporate event in honor of passing all exams and obtaining diplomas.


  • Flexible schedule
  • English lessons
  • Regular internal knowledge-sharing events
  • 20 working days of paid vacation
  • Partial compensation for learning courses and professional events
  • Library
Flexible schedule

WebbyLab has a flexible work schedule. Working hours are set by agreement within the team.

English lessons

The company pays for English lessons. We have 2 groups (Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate/Advanced). English lessons are held 2 times a week.

Regular internal knowledge-sharing events

We all share experiences with each other. We conduct regular internal knowledge-sharing events (best practices, technical approaches, and programming/managerial antipatterns).

20 working days of paid vacation

WebbyLab provides 20 working days of paid vacation and 1 extra day for each year working in the company.

Partial compensation for learning courses and professional events

We offer partial compensation for learning courses and professional events. Each year, a certain amount of money is allocated for each employee to be used for courses, seminars, and conferences.


We have an internal library of the best technical, business, and managerial books.

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