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We implement innovations that allow businesses to stay ahead of the curve. We care about long-term business goals. 

We’re experts of cutting-edge technologies and techniques on board to develop IoT application solutions that suit business needs.

Your success is always our success. We won’t accomplish a project until we’re convinced of undoubted success and great performance. 

We have experts in Internet of Things application development services, including developers, designers, and QA engineers. We’re ready to create solutions both for enterprises and startups.

We have expertise in wide-range industries and business segments. We understand the needs of your industry and can develop custom IoT app solutions to help your company grow and succeed. 

Our team of IoT experts will support you at every step of your IoT application development process: from cost estimation to post-delivery support.

The client's results are our win. It's not about creating a solution or product that fits initial requirements but about long-term value impacting the client's business and its customers.


Our IoT Application Development Solution & Services

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IoT Mobile & Web Apps

Using the latest digital technologies our engineers help to streamline businesses with scalable IoT app development services for the mobile and web. We help you build an innovative app which will be ready to be launched in the shortest time and within budget.

Full-cycle IoT development services

We deal with IoT projects at all stages: business analysis, R&D, development and testing of PoC, development & launching of MVP and full-fledged solutions, support, development, prototyping, production, testing and preparation for hardware production.

 IoT Analytics

We collect, store and prepare data from your IoT systems for independent analysis, analysis through separate analytics systems, or even develop our own software for data analysis of any volume.

MVP Development and Launch

Get a detailed implementation plan for your MVP including tech stack, product development strategy, time and cost estimate. We provide end-to-end MVP development services, from initial business analysis to product delivery and launch to the market.

White-label Products Launch

We help to build the products for you and easily integrate the white label products into IoT solutions across industries. You will have reliable products with professional support on all the way from having an idea to actually launching a solution.

QA & Testing

To verify that your IoT product is functioning smoothly and as a result build high-quality products we ensure systematic bug tracking and quality testing. We are ready to eliminate all the possible problems and provide clarity on what needs to be fixed. 


PoC & Prototype

Following the changing market environment to keep project goals up-to-date our experts can help you figure out how to prototype for IoT software or develop a PoC. 


IoT Firmware Development & Integration

We help to determine the suitable tech stack and outline firmware components to be used. We can also make a review of your existing solutions and provide an operative improvement strategy with its implementation.

User Experience
for IoT

We add value to IoT products by making it user centric. During the IoT software development process our team conducts research on the UX  to understand the users and assess their needs thoroughly.


IoT Consulting Services

As a tech-savvy consulting company we can help to validate your business idea, offer a range of implementation options, share our professional expertise, help choose partners for production or validate the result.

Support & Maintenance

To optimize your app solution, reduce the risk of crashes, increase data security our team of professional engineers provide high-end support and maintenance services to foster a seamless experience and further product development. 

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Key Areas of Focus

  • build iot application for smarthome


  • end-to-end custom iot development for ev charging

    EV charging

  • energy


  • web application development for iot agriculture

    IoT Agriculture

  • finance iot app development platform


  • retail mobile iot app solutions

    retail &

  • custom iot development for consumer electronics

    consumer electronics

  • access control system

    access control systems

  • iot monitoring

    IoT monitoring 

  • HVAC


Why Choose Us for IoT Apps Development

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Transforming your business

Incorporating IoT solutions into your business provides increased business efficiency, reduced operating costs, and significant competitive advantages. IoT devices provide businesses with the information needed to quickly implement changes, plan capacity and enable data-driven decision making.

Building a cloud-based ecosystem

IoT’s interconnection with cloud computing provides much more than a simple IoT device connection since IoT devices rely on the cloud to store and handle data in real time. The cloud facilitates machine-to-machine connections by simplifying and optimizing them across interfaces.

Expanding features of existing products

Integrating IoT technology into existing products means them to reap multiple benefits along with becoming connected. For instance, your device will collect valuable IoT data that you can use in your business practices.

Creating a blue ocean & opening up new markets

By building an innovative Internet of Things device with an IoT app development company, your business has the potential to open up new market space and drive new demand. Tapping into new markets, you generate new consumer/product behavior insights by gathering and exchanging massive data sets with IoT devices.

Our IoT App Development Tech Stack

Microcontrollers and SBCs
Infrastructure & Platforms
Languages & Frameworks
Microcontrollers and SBCs



Raspberry Pi







Infrastructure & Platforms



Google Cloud


Microsoft Azure




Digital Ocean





Languages & Frameworks






























What are the solutions your IoT development team can deliver for startups and enterprises?

For startups
We’ve created a cloud platform for fast and easy launch of IoT products to the market, fast POC (including hardware) R&D, consulting startup how to build a ZigBee hub based on our cloud platform; consumer mob/web apps.

For enterprises
Smart home automation platform, HVAC smart solution, consumer electronics, consulting, firmware, R&D, POC for hardware, design and preparing documentation for outsourcing manufacturing for large scale 1m+ devices in China. Take a mechanical device and make it smart/ bring any electronic device to the cloud+internet (connect controller, power supply battery life calculation).
We can validate proof ideas. Testing your firmware and hardware for manufacturers. Integration with existing systems and software (ecom, CRM, ERP, etc).

How much does it cost to develop an IoT application?

On average, the costs of internet of things app development services start from 15 thousand dollars and higher. The general cost for IoT app development solutions development can vary depending on different factors including the project’s type (Prototype, MVP or full IoT product), its complexity and development approaches and many more. 

Learn more about IoT apps price formation in our blog article or contact us to get a custom estimate!

How much time does your IoT app development company take to develop custom IoT apps?

It’s hard to make accurate calculations when it comes to time spent on custom internet of things solutions development. But according to our experience on average the process takes from 3 months and longer depending on your requirement, scope of work and how quickly we get the input we need (dependencies on manufacturing, hardware and any 3rd party). If you need more details on developing an IoT app solutions for your business, please get in touch with our team.

Why should I hire IoT application developers in WebbyLab?

With years of IoT app development expertise, and a wide expertise in different neighbor areas, responsiveness in communication and transparent work processes we can help you create complex IoT solutions by leveraging sensor and connectivity technology, driving new revenue and efficiencies for your business.
Our IoT app development service offers feature-rich IoT powered applications that communicate meaningful data and automates the processes.

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