Who we are

We are a Ukrainian company with more than a 10-year history managed by founders with a strong technical background.

We have successfully completed 300+ projects. Among them are 15 projects for five Fortune 500 companies, including Mercedes and Uber.

We apply best practices to accelerate the software development process and reduce time to market to the customer.

We create a culture of innovation through developing our internal products. To produce ready-to-use solutions, we analyze clients’ frequent requests and their project bottlenecks.

Strategic business mindset: we build technical solutions keeping in mind the business’s starting point, current business requirements, and challenges that may evolve during further growth.

Active IT community members: we participated in 50+ conference talks as speakers and constantly share our open-source tools that help to optimize the development process.


WebbyLab was founded in 2011 by two software engineers — Viktor Turskyi and Anton Morozov.

Anton and Viktor worked on complex web applications, so it was easy to decide what the company would do. From day one, the goal was to create a company that helps its customers to build scalable and feature-rich software solutions in the most efficient way using a modern technology stack.

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Our story

WebbyLab foundation

Two friends, Viktor and Anton, decided to quit their jobs to start their own software development company.

Partnership with BRAIN Computers — ongoing

Started working with our first enterprise client with whom we continue to collaborate.


Participated in YAPC Europe Conference, the largest annual European Perl event. Started using an SMTP server, an email communication protocol.

React implementation; Building our own stack

Released 1st project using React JS, which we had in production from version 0.4.
Established our own technology stack for developing and deploying applications and projects.

Partnership with Cloudbeds — ongoing; first Blockchain project

Completed our first Blockchain-based project with great success.

Built a dedicated Perl team for Cloudbeds project, a forward-thinking hospitality management software platform.

Partnership with Uber

25+ employees

Carried out our first project with a company from the Fortune 500 list.

React Native implementation

50+ employees

Expanded our tech stack by adopting a new framework and programming language to deliver more cutting-edge products.

Partnership with MHP

Developed a web platform & mobile app for Ukraine’s largest agricultural produce company MHP to optimize sales operations.

Projects for 2Smart and Mercedes

100+ employees

Created an app for Mercedes-AMG to allow racers and car enthusiasts to find a car to rent for a race event or track day worldwide.
Grew 2Smart Cloud startup from POC and MVP stages to a fully independent business.

Adapted business operations to COVID

Implemented a remote work model, adapted business processes to a hybrid work format, and kept the company's pace of growth.

Working in wartime

130+ employees
300+ projects

Keep adapting business operations to wartime conditions: we support local communities and armed forces and are highly engaged in volunteering activities.


Our values

Engineering culture is our core value — currently, engineers make up around 80% of our workforce.

Our mission

We create complex software solutions using the most efficient mix of innovative technologies.

We stand with Ukraine: all WebbyLab profits generated during the war are directed to a special fundraising account supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

You can also support the Ukrainian army by donating to the National Bank of Ukraine’s special fundraising account:


We stand with Ukraine: all WebbyLab profits generated during the war are directed to a special fundraising account supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

You can also support the Ukrainian army by donating to the National Bank of Ukraine’s special fundraising account:


Our team

People are the most valuable asset of WebbyLab and its driving force.

Our Leadership team

Meet the leadership team at WebbyLab, who are motivated by a passion to be the best at what they do.
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Anton Morozov
Chief Executive Officer and Co‑founder
Chief Executive Officer and Co‑founder
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Viktor Turskyi
Non‑Executive Director and Co‑founder
Non‑Executive Director and Co‑founder
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Mariia Kravchenko
Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer
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Maksym Lesnikov
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer
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Yuliia Putilina
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer
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Oleksii Krol
Chief Business Development Officer
Chief Business Development Officer

Conference talks

We place a high value on sharing knowledge and experience. A total of more than 50 technical talks have been given by WebbyLab software engineers, covering a broad scope of technical topics and ideas.

Mobile era

Opensource projects at WebbyLab

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Mole RPC

Tiny transport agnostic JSON-RPC 2.0 client and server which can work both in NodeJs, Browser, Electron etc

Explore documentation


Lightweight JavaScript validator supporting Language Independent Validation Rules Specification (LIVR).

Explore documentation


Semgrex is a utility for matching patterns in dependency trees, based on tree relationships and regular expression matches on nodes.

Explore documentation


Opinionated config library that allows you to have complex config and behaves according to “Twelve Factor App” rules.

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Insights from WebbyLab

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