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Web Content Accessibility Policy

This Accessibility Policy applies to the website https://webbylab.com (hereinafter referred to as the Website). The website is managed by the Limited Liability Company “WEBBILAB”. It’s a legal entity registered and operating in accordance with

legislation of Ukraine, code in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine 41045300, legal address:  Kyiv, Ukraine, 01013, 6 Budindustrii Street. 

We believe our Website to be user-friendly to as many users as possible.

We are committed to being accessible for people with disabilities in accordance with the principles of dignity, independence, and equal opportunity. Each user should have maximum access to the content of our Website. 

While using our Website the user is able to:

  • change colors and contrast levels;
  • zoom and scale the text up to 500% without affecting the layout;
  • navigate the Website using only the keyboard;
  • use the website with the screen reader (including the latest versions of JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver)


Our Website complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1., level AA (WCAG 2.1). 

These guidelines meet four main principles that state that the Website should be:

  • Perceivable: data and user interface components should be presented to the users in a way they are able to perceive information. 
  • Operable: user interface components and navigation should be functional.
  • Understandable: data and user interface functionality should be clear. 
  • Robust: сontent must be robust enough that it can be interpreted reliably by a wide variety of user agents including assistive technologies.

We are constantly working to improve the Website and if possible we try to make its content clear to the widest range of users. 


How accessible the website is

We are aware of some unavailable pages and functionality of the Website if it is used under certain conditions:

  • You will not be able to change the line height or text spacing;
  • We do not use plain language in all sections of the Website;
  • We do not present information in sign language;
  • Some pages of the Website are difficult to navigate using only the keyboard;
  • You will not be able to access the main content immediately using the screen reader. 


Reviews and contact information

If you need to access information from the Website transcribed into some other format, such as PDF, large print, easy read, audio or Braille, contact us using the following means of communication:

– Email: [email protected];

– Phone: +38 (044) 599 10 51, +38 (094) 899 10 51, +38 (097) 975 10 51

We strive to improve the accessibility of the Website, therefore if you detect problems that are not mentioned in this document, please contact us using information above. 

We will review your request and respond within five working days.


This policy was created on June 12, 2023. Since we are constantly working to improve the Website accessibility, updating and testing it, new versions of the Policy (if implemented) will be published on the Website. In case of publishing a new version of the Policy, it is considered to come into force from the moment of its publication on the Website. 


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