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Our key solutions

We are experienced in building architecture of high-loaded Web-projects, information security and testing automation

Javascript Applications

We create services that are characterized by a "rich" client. These systems allow users feel to Web-based applications as comfortable as using Desktop-services.


Most of our clients are from online trading. We provide technological advantage by developing their advanced software.

B2B portals

B2B portals are the most popular for today's companies. We help businesses optimize their processes with the creation of highly productive software.

Web apps integrations

We have a wide range of external API, that we work with and the list is constantly expanding. Therefore, we offer our clients move some logic to the external services.



Perl, PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, HTML5, ...


MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, SQLite, MSSQL, ...

Scalability and High Availability:

Carp, Hearbeat, Memcached, Nginx, DRBD, Bind, ...

Web Apps:

Facebook, Twitter, VK.com, Google Maps,
Google Adwords, Google Docs, PayPal, ...

Cloud Computing:

Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, Amazon SES, ...


  • Brain
  • modelate
  • SMTP
  • ITBox
  • Libraria.ua
  • RG
  • OR
  • ITA
  • EMail.UA
  • mpshina
  • DHO
  • FastVisual
  • Ignite
  • Sunny
  • Patriod