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This Cookie Policy applies to the website https://webbylab.com (hereinafter referred to as the Website). The website is managed by the Limited Liability Company “WEBBILAB”. It’s a legal entity registered and operating in accordance with

legislation of Ukraine, code in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine 41045300, legal address:  Kyiv, Ukraine, 01013, 6 Budindustrii Street. 

We strive to provide a more user-friendly browsing experience and believe in being transparent and open about how we collect and process user data during the use of the Website. This Cookie Policy provides detailed information about what Cookies are and how we use it. 


What are Cookies?

Cookies are a small text file or files that are sent to the browser and stored on a user’s device. These devices include a computer, a laptop, a mobile phone or any other device used by the user visiting the Website. 

Every time the user goes back to the Website, Cookies are updated. In most cases, the browser lets us by default save Cookies automatically on the user’s device. Disabling all cookies could prevent the user from accessing the published materials and/or could lead to poor functioning of the services. 

Cookies are used in order to navigate the user between pages of the Website, perform a search process, store the user’s previous actions after going to the previous page in the same session, save parameters or configurations stored on the user’s device between the browser sessions, interact with social media, etc. 


The Website uses different types of Cookies: 

  • Session Cookies are temporary. They are automatically deleted right after the user leaves the Website. Session cookies usually have their own

origin and ensure proper functioning of the Website. 

  • Persistent Cookies remain on a user’s device and expire on a specific

date. These Cookies may be set by the website itself during its operation.

  • First-party Cookies belong to our Website and let us remember previous user actions and settings. 
  • Third-party Cookies are set by third parties on the user’s device through our Website that enables other features or functionality to be provided on the website or through it (for instance, reporting usage statistics or ads displaying).  

Cookies have a wide range of reasons for them to be active. There are the main ones described below.

First-party Cookies are the main form of the Website’s memory used to save user settings in order to improve user experience on the Website. 

Performance Cookies collect data on how users act on a Website, for example, what pages users visit more frequently or if they receive error messages from the web pages. These Cookies do not collect identifiable information. Such data is anonymous and helps to improve the Website performance. 

Functional Cookies let the Website remember the user choice (for example, user name, language or location) and display advanced, more personalized features. Functional Cookies are used in order to remember the changes that have been applied to the parts of customizable web pages. Received data from Cookies is impersonal. 


Why does the Website use Cookies?

When you enter the Website, your web browser contains several Cookies. This

information can be used to:

  • Ensure the performance of the Website and test new pages and features to understand the way users respond to them.
  • Process analytical data and track information about the Website usage in order to improve the Website performance. 
  • Analyze the Website regarding user choices and actions to determine what has changed the behavior or Website interface. 

The data collected through Cookies that may be placed on your device will be stored only for as long as they are necessary to perform the functions mentioned above. 


How to switch Cookies off?

The major web browsers mentioned below are set to automatically accept cookies. In order to disable Cookies the user has to visit the help section for the browser. 

The help section can be accessed through the menu, by pressing the F1 button or by clicking on the link:

For more information about Cookies, you can visit the following link http://www.allaboutcookies.org/ 

Contact information

If you have any further questions or feedback regarding our Cookie Policy, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Experience of using Cookies”. We will definitely consider your letter and provide a response. 

This policy was created on June 12, 2023. Since we are constantly working to improve the Website performance, updating and testing it, new versions of the Policy (if implemented) will be published on the Website. In case of publishing a new version of the Policy, it is considered to come into force from the moment of its publication on the Website. 


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