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The Complete Guide to Outsourcing Web Development: How, Where, and Why

The Complete Guide to Outsourcing Web Development: How, Where, and Why

Do you need a web developer to work on your project? Is there an app or a website that you are looking forward to creating but don’t want to hire in-house web developers? That’s when you might start contemplating how to effectively outsource web development that will help your ideas prosper to the fullest extent possible. Sooner or later, every organization that associates its activities with websites or web services comes to this stage when they decide to try hiring a web development team.

However, the only important thing left now is to find the right outsourcing provider. To ensure you make the right choice, you have to know everything about outsourcing: how to outsource web development, where to find a suitable outsourcing company, and why you should dive into this in the first place.

Here is the complete guide that will help you answer all of these questions.

What is outsourcing web development?

Let’s begin with the definition of the main term: web outsourcing – one of the greatest parts of IT outsourcing – is a process of delegating web development tasks to experts from a specialized third-party company. According to this approach, you can solve web programming problems of various kinds, ensuring a continuous development process while saving time. 

Ordering IT outsourcing services is a good idea for developing, maintaining, and supporting web projects when you don’t have appropriate resources and skills, or if you don’t want to distract your own employees from performing the primary tasks. 

In general, outsourcing web development services are divided into these three specializations:

  • Web designers who work on digital product design and branding;
  • Web developers who do all the coding and infrastructure setup tasks;
  • SEO experts who help with website promotion via search engines, including technical site audits and SEO copywriting.

Let’s consider a great example of web development outsourcing. Your company is working on the development of an original computer game, and you decide to break the whole complex process into smaller pieces. The main and most responsible part of the project has to be done by the staff members, while some particular tasks such as prototyping of heroes you delegate to remote employees. 

The bottom line is this method significantly cuts the costs of performing simple tasks and saves valuable time even though it still plays a huge role in the whole process.

Nowadays, for more and more businesses around the globe, outsourcing has become a common practice. Especially in the times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How did Covid-19 affect the outsourcing industry?

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the outsourcing industry. Businesses end up closing or severely reducing their operations and many organizations are facing a significant drop in job volume. Remote work became a new normal.

In order to survive and emerge from these difficult times, the industry must first recognize the issues it has to deal with and take certain measures to address them. Once the pandemic finishes and the economy returns to normal, many businesses will use the services of outsourcing corporations. 

To stay ahead of the game, it will be critical to plan beforehand your future marketing strategies, how to properly apply them and what outsourcing company to collaborate with.

How do you outsource web development projects?

If you decide to outsource web development but don’t know how to get started, continue reading to find out how you can do it easily and stress-free.

1. First and foremost, clearly identify your company’s goals and expectations.

You should build your business goals before approaching any web development company and partnering with them. Anything relevant to your web development projects, such as the consistency and features you want to include in your websites, should be clear in your mind. This might include:

  • The level of consistency and functionality you need for your websites;
  • Deadline for project completion;
  • An estimation of how much you will be spending;
  • Web developers’ desired skills, credentials, experience, and so on.
    Try to plan out all of the details so that you know exactly what you’re going to do and where you’re going to invest your money.

#2. Find the partners you can trust.

The next step is selection of an outsourcing contractor for your web project based on the defined requirements.

If you do a Google search, you’ll come up with millions of results and thousands of outsourcing firms claiming to be the best at what they do. Are they all, however, the best? No, they’re not. So, what do you think about spending some time on finding reputable partners? 

#3. Effective communication during the web development process is the key to success.

After you find and hire a web development team that best suits your business, take into consideration the next task that is no less crucial than the previous one.

Communication is the most critical aspect of any partnership. It’s important to maintain direct contact with your partners during the procedure of outsourcing web development. The better the communication, the more misunderstandings you will be lucky enough to avoid. You should also keep in mind that your web developer speaks a different language, has a different culture, and is in a different time zone than you.

A great practice is to have daily meetings with your team to get updates about your web development progress. This will help you avoid any problems that may pop up.

When outsourced web development is a good solution?

According to the most recent offshoring statistics, about 80% of small companies plan to outsource at least one of their business processes in 2021. So you might be one of them!

It’s time to examine the most common scenarios in which the use of outsourcing is appropriate. You most likely need the assistance of the outsource development team if you are facing one or more of these issues:

  • You need a website or web system, but you don’t have enough skills or time to develop it on your own;
  • Your firm is not able to allocate enough funds for non-core activities, or it is not able to compete in the employment market and the search for employees often becomes a problem;
  • Your business begins to develop extensively and doesn’t have much time to meet the growing demands of customers, or you are having problems with your employees and they are not currently able to get the work done;
  • Your business already has a website, but it was developed a long time ago and does not meet the needs of the business anymore or simply needs to be renewed according to the modern requirements;
  • You are searching for professional revision or support of the existing site.

The use of IT outsourcing services is relevant for any business at any stage of its development, and there might be even more reasons why you need to outsource.

Benefits of web development outsourcing

Very few businesses can keep an entire development team on staff; this is usually done by large corporations or IT companies. For smaller companies, an on-staff development team is not justified. 

It is wiser to invite outsourcing developers because of the following benefits:

  • Save budgetary funds by paying developers for every piece of the work they complete

Did you know that the most common reason for outsourcing is cost reduction? A Deloitte study concluded that 70% of the companies consider cost-savings as the primary reason driving them towards outsourcing. This means the market potential for the development of outsourcing companies is truly enormous!

In fact, everything usually goes like this: if you hire an internal team of developers, you automatically take on a responsibility to pay for equipment, vacations, etc.  In addition, you are responsible for paying their taxes, renting a large enough room to accommodate the entire team, as well as providing snacks, coffee, and other things that are mandatory nowadays. So why spend extra money if your company can save significantly by using the services of outsourcing agencies?

  • Attract multidisciplinary specialists with different expertise in order to professionally work out all aspects, from design to programming
    Companies like these can have much more technology than a typical internal team. This way, if you decide during the project that you want to modify the web design, you won’t have to employ a full-time professional to do so. You can easily delegate this job to an outsourcing firm, which always has someone available to take on such a project.
  • Ensure better performance of the task, since specialists of the highest level will be involved 
    You may initially doubt whether you should get in touch with the outsourcing web development company or not, but the thing is… You can at least try! Outsource web developers are gaining experience every day by working on various projects, and they surely may turn out to be a gold mine for your business, offering you their special skills and amazing performance. 
  • Get the result within a reasonable time, since outsourcers are not willing to delay the project
    When the remote team takes responsibility for the project, you no longer have to worry about deadlines. If you have agreed on specific dates, be sure that everything will be ready for the agreed day, because they are interested in ensuring that each customer is satisfied and leaves positive feedback. The reputation and customer flow of outsourcing agencies depend on customer satisfaction, which means they will do their best to carry out your project at the highest level with minimum risks for your company. 
    Outsourcing allows the client to cut costs and significantly reduce the labor intensity and costs of operating information systems and applications, concentrating on the main business processes of the company without being distracted by the details.
  • Get access to the latest technological trends
    If you want to acquire a competitive advantage over other companies in your niche, seek the help of an outsourcing company immediately. They are the ones who always try to keep up with the latest technologies. The fact is that it is in their best interest to try  to lead the market, and such a turn of events plays into your hands.

Where do you outsource?

Decided what you need? Now you can confidently move forward and begin searching for the developers you won’t regret hiring. You don’t have to go far – ask your friends about the relevant contacts. The chances are great that they have experience of working with an outsourcing web development team. Another efficient method to find a good contractor is networking, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit some IT-oriented local events, workshops, or conferences.

But it doesn’t always work, so you should Google companies or visit special websites that offer the services of first-class web developers worldwide. In fact, the best are developers from Eastern Europe, especially Ukrainians – they are the middle ground between price and quality.

How to choose the best agency? To do this, it is very important to know what services and solutions you need. This understanding will help you narrow your search and increase your chances of finding a better technology partner.

The best countries to outsource high-class web development

Outsourcing from abroad can offer you many opportunities, so in case you want to try collaborating globally, the following list contains the best countries for outsourcing you can choose from:

  • Ukraine
    Ukraine is one of the most promising regions for businesses of all sizes looking for skilled, responsible, and hardworking web developers for a variety of projects at a low cost. Ukraine is actually the best choice in the field of IT and apps. 
    More than 100 foreign companies working in the fields of telecommunications, e-commerce, software development, and game development have located their offices here. They provide a perfect balance between price and quality. It would definitely be a winning choice for web development outsourcing.
  • Poland
    Poland’s IT industry, like that of other Western European countries, is preparing for a new level of maturity. Poland is ranked third in the world for highly qualified programmers, according to statistics. The benefit of outsourcing to Poland is that the time difference is almost non-existent. It may depend on the location for US-based businesses, but it is not the case for Western European countries.
  • China
    China is the world’s most populous developing market. Due to the availability of capital, as well as human and physical resources, it is an effective outsourcing medium.
  • Philippines
    The Philippines quickly embraced a 24-hour work culture, earning a spot on the list of best outsourcing countries. The Philippines is usually seen as a low-cost option for multinational corporations.
  • India
    Outsourcing in India began to thrive back in the 1980s. In the mid-1990s it was rapidly accelerating its speed, and now India is a leader in outsourcing. Nonetheless, India ranks first among outsourcing service providers, not only because of low salaries but also because of its huge human potential: 500 million workers, a significant number of whom are well educated. No wonder this country is considered one of the best countries for outsourcing as well.


You don’t necessarily need to hire web developers among your full-time employees if you are just looking for a project to be done. The best way to find someone for a single job is to outsource!  According to recent statistics, 78% of businesses all over the world are satisfied with their outsourcing partners. That’s a fair number! So why not try outsourcing now?

It’s also important to be careful about picking an outsourcing web development company. If you have clearly defined your goals and you understand what you want, choosing the best solution for your company won’t be a problem.

WebbyLab offers professional services in the field of web development outsourcing. Every day we work hard to provide our clients with innovative web and mobile application development. Feel safe to hire our web development team as we will do our best to undertake the implementation of your ideas and produce results you will be completely satisfied with!

WebbyLab Team
WebbyLab Team
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