Smart home automation platform
Smart home, IoT
Create a universal platform which allows connecting all IoT vendors into one ecosystem. For example, connect a Z-Wave button to a Zigbee lamp and manage everything via Alexa and Facebook messenger.
The key aspect of the success is a microservice architecture. All communications are in real time, both a service-to-service (MQTT) and a service-to-UI (websockets). The system consists of a core (which manages all the devices), system manager, installable bridges to support different vendors (can be developed by 3rd parties), application store, cloud UI, mobile UI, etc. We’ve made more than 10 pluggable integrations with 3rd party platforms: Google Voice, Fibaro, Xiaomi, Sonos, Amazon Alexa, Facebook, Telegram, etc. Deep understanding of lowlevel protocols and hardware specifics helped us to create a performant and expandable architecture. As the platforms allow 3rd parties to create own apps, security was a keystone of the system. The platform supports app isolation with docker, sandboxes for execution of untrusted scenarios, a sophisticated user management system, RBAC, and 2-factor authentication support built-in.
ReactJS, Ant-Design, Websocket, Microservices, NodeJS, JSON RPC, Websocket,MQTT, Docker, MongoDB/PostgreSQL

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