It’s quiz

Knowledge control system
Startup, learning
It’s quiz
Create a unified ecosystem for knowledge control: from creating tests, surveys, attestations, flexible analytical reports to the adaptive tool for self-education. Organization management, groups, access control, centralized questions database etc.
We have created a platform which consists of 5 parts: main web application (SPA), isomorphic quiz wall, admin UI, organization management app, backend with workers. Everything is written in JavaScript which allowed us to have only one full-stack team. Having 4 UI apps allowed to choose the most efficient application architecture for each of them. But not only the development approach was a key part of the success but excellent communication with product owner from the customer side. The customer’s commitment to this project was really high and it was easy for us to align together functional and non-functional requirements.
React, Redux, NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, React Material UI

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