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IoT WebbyLab

You build a thing we connect it to the internet

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Why us?

Разработка ПО для IoT

We manage the entire process from concept to finished product: our team covers software development and circuit diagrams and PCB design

Отчетность на каждом этапе разработки IoT

We provide meantime results on every stage (PoC, prototype, MVP, full product). So we get timely feedback from our clients and make necessary adjustments

Команда с экспертизой в сфере IoT

Our team consists of specialists with expertise in IoT, including developers, designers, and QA engineers. We provide solutions both for large enterprises and startups

What we do?

IoT Web and  IoT Mobile

Web and Mobile

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web application development
  • Comfortable infrastructure control implementation
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Backend and Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure architecture design
  • Integration with your existing systems and services like SSO, etc.
  • Providing comfortable tools for audit and monitoring
  • Scalable software development
  • Custom cloud solutions creation
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IoT Backend and IoT Infrastructure


  • Custom-embedded software development
  • Firmware development
  • Schematic Circuit design
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design
  • Device prototyping
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Transform your business with IoT solutions

Using IoT devices allows increasing business efficiency, reduce operating expenses and gain a competitive advantage. IoT devices provide businesses with the data needed to implement changes, plan capacity and enable data-driven decision-making. By developing an innovative IoT device, your business may tap into a new market and generate new demand. Besides, the ability to gather and exchange massive data sets allows getting observations about consumer behavior and product performance.

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We deliver end-to-end application services based on your product concept.

Our team provides everything from idea validation to project execution and post-production technical support.

Using JavaScript for everything (frontend in React, backend in NodeJS, and mobile in React Native), we run more efficient full-stack teams and adhere to the same code standards across all platform components we produce.

We also use event-driven architecture, reactive user interfaces, low-end hardware security and performance optimization, provisioning, and interaction with third-party platforms such as Alexa skills and Google Voice. Besides, we work with services like DO, AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.

We have been using React Native since it was released on Facebook. When it comes to mobile apps, we create native UI for both iOS and Android. We also do CodePush support for both platforms (updates without a need of republishing to AppStore).

Smart building is a part of our expertise as well. We have already developed solutions such as smart home automation platforms (including those that connect all IoT vendors into one ecosystem), cloud ACS and HVAC systems.

Our team is experienced in working with a wide range of sensors, communication protocols, and cloud platforms


Our hardware engineers offer both full-cycle and custom hardware development.

We provide integrations to LVS systems, VoIP, third-party devices (Google Home, popular messaging) and authentication of third-party IoT devices (Google, Facebook, Apple).

Our services include PCB design, adaptation, and assembly. We develop and build microcontroller-based automated control systems.

We use the following microcontrollers and SBCs: ESP-based MCU, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, STM, and MSD4.with ESP-based MCU, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, STM, MSD4, and SBC.


Technologies we use:
C++, React, React Native, NodeJS, NGNIX, Mysql, Prometheus, Grafana, Influx, Filebeat, Parcel/webpack, Memcached, Slack API, Google Home API, Docker, Ansible

ESP-based MCU, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, STM, MSD4

MQTT, WebSocket, RTSP/RTMP, SMTP, WebRTC, SIP, HTTPS, KNX, Modbus, Zigbee, RFID


Looking for a partner to create an IoT solution?

We help businesses and startups build IoT platforms and apps

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