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January 26, 2023
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The direction of IoT began to evolve at WebbyLab after an ambitious idea appeared within our company – to create the best smart home platform and a better cloud platform for connecting IoT devices. Almost four years have passed and now 2Smart is a dedicated team of 20 strong professionals who bring this idea to life every day.

The main product of the team is the cloud platform 2Smart Cloud. It makes it possible to easily create and connect “smart” devices that can be controlled via a mobile app and additional methods: voice commands, a phone call and a Telegram bot.

An example of such a device from 2Smart is a spectacular smart lamp, which is special not only because it is controlled from the above mentioned platform. The team itself developed and produced it on the basis of the popular ESP32 microcontroller. Moreover, the lamp has several options of the frames that are produced by 3D printer in our office. WOW Fire Lamp is just one of the IoT products in which the team covers all components of the life cycle – not only development, but also manufacturing, collection, testing, packaging and actual selling.

Today, the team is implementing more complex IoT projects, which we will gradually talk about in the following posts. Want to know more about 2Smart right now? The team talks in easy and interesting way about their projects on the site and social networks. Check it: https://2smart.com

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