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February 10, 2023
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Let`s continue our acquaintance with the activities of 2Smart? 😉
In addition to the cloud platform for developers, the team presented 2Smart Standalone automation platform, which can deploy smart home, automate an industrial or agricultural site.

You can evaluate the possibilities of the platform on the example of a large smart greenhouse. It is divided into three independent zones, each of which maintains the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels required for an excellent harvest. A special scenario controls the duration of lighting in each of the greenhouse zones depending on the time of sunrise and sunset on a specific date – artificial light is turned on at sunset just enough to ensure the plants get the right amount of light. Irrigation and even fertilizing happens automatically. By the way, the customised bridge for the integration of Standalone platform with 2Smart Cloud product allows the user to manage the greenhouse via a smartphone and observe plant growth even from foreign business trips.

What other scenarios can be used in 2Smart Standalone – depends only on the user. The 2Smart team developed this platform to be as flexible and functional as possible. There are almost no restrictions on device connectivity or possible functionality.

WebbyLab is not only a 2Smart creation and development environment, we are also an active user of the team`s products – for example, now, in the condidtions of frequent power outages, our employees always know whether there is the main electricity in the office. Thanks for this to a convenient application from 2Smart and a small device that constantly monitors electricity!

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