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Apple Vision Pro and its impact on the IT development market

May 2, 2024
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The appearance of the first mobile devices 20 years ago had a major impact on the development of network systems. Mobile programmers and software marketplaces appeared. We started to move away from server-side rendering, when the UI is generated on the server side, to the classic API-first format, when the backend is presented in the REST API or GraphQL. As a rule, no one paid much attention to the need to standardize development until the advent of Apple devices, first of all, the iPhone, and later the iPad.

Recently, Apple introduced Apple Vision Pro – augmented and virtual reality glasses. Back in 2017, our co-founder, Victor Turskyi, made a report on iforum on the possibility of using React VR/360 to develop virtual and augmented reality applications. It seems to us that the emergence of Apple Vision Pro can significantly affect the software development market. What it will be: VR stores, VR programmers, or VR designers, it’s hard to say, but it will provide new opportunities for the market for sure!

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