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Centralized and decentralized software in modern realities

July 4, 2024
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In the modern world, approaches to software architecture can change depending on the needs of a particular business. 

The centralized client-server architecture has become a part of our lives: Websites, mobile apps, and all kinds of applications have their place in the list of centralized solutions. However, over the past few years, we have often faced the need to develop a decentralized solution. It is important for customers that their app or desktop application works in the most difficult, military conditions. The software has to work in the absence of wired or mobile Internet, in the absence of electricity, in conditions far from modern civilization. Decentralized solutions can become a serious factor in the competitive struggle when your company is forced to work in the absence of the Internet. Here it is important to prepare the software for the mode of lack of access to centralized databases, prevent failures related to the persistence of data created in various unconnected network elements, and ensure that the application promptly redirects data to the cloud environment as soon as an opportunity arises.

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