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Cloud cost optimization

June 20, 2024
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Recently, we were contacted by a customer with a problem of unpredictable server costs. After analyzing their IT infrastructure, we saw that they were using serverless on one of the most popular clouds. The load on the server was constantly changing depending on the marketing campaigns, and there were also dependencies on the day of the week or hour of the day. In addition, the external contractor’s team was not able to respond quickly in case of a sharp increase in load, so the choice of serverless architecture seemed right at the time.

But the big disappointment for the client was that the server bills could fluctuate by almost half. The lack of predictability in costs created a lot of problems for the business: from the inability to budget the required amount to the need to look for reasons for cost fluctuations every time, which created an additional burden on project management.

After analyzing the IT infrastructure, we offered to move the project to virtual domain hosting, taking on additional capacity to ensure 99% uptime. The cost per month turned out to be cheaper than the lowest bill for the last 12 months. For cases that arise several times a year, the newly created WebbyLab team has committed to responding quickly in case of software performance issues. Also, in the case of a planned increase in load, we were able to increase server capacity in advance for the required number of days or weeks. As a result, the uptime was brought to 99.9%.

Equipment costs became predictable in the medium term, which increased the value of the startup in the eyes of investors, and business management was able to focus on its tasks related to the project development and promotion of the project.

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