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May 9, 2024
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Today, it is quite difficult to imagine the working day of an IT employee without mentioning AI assistants, as more and more projects are using generative AI in one way or another or are planning to implement it. Typically, it can be an integration with some existing solution provided by OpenAI or Google. However, in cases where you need to have the AI assistant features offline and run it on ordinary devices, rather than on servers with dozens of video cards, technology like GPT4ALL (https://gpt4all.io/) can help. This is a great standalone solution for local use of various LLM models such as Hermes, Orca, LLama, Doly, and others. Thanks to this product from NomicAi, we are able to run LLM on the PC or use it in your app in a matter of minutes and save budget on integration with existing cloud solutions.

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