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How to stay productive and motivated in a remote work enviroment?

April 16, 2021
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How to stay productive and motivated in a remote work enviroment?

Friends, hello everyone! There is a question: how to stay productive and motivated in a remote work environment? And we just got some hot “junk” tips from #WebbyLab.

Fly in:

• use communication with colleagues effectively

Do not forget that colleagues can see you with video communication; try to prepare for calls more carefully – wash your hair, change your pajamas, behave naturally;

• take breaks

Do you remember sight and arm gymnastics from school? Yes, yes, it is relevant again 🙂, and a 15-minute walk in the fresh balcony air will give you a good mood and an almost clear understanding of what time of year it is (but info is not 100%);

• and do not forget about the diet

Just be careful, one of our developers gained 15 kg during the remote, keep track of the amount of food consumed;

• eliminate distractions as much as possible

We do not know what is a distraction specifically for you, but we do not recommend combining webcam modeling with your main job at the same time, even on a remote location;

• organize a comfortable workspace

One of our managers sat on a stool for a long time and almost got scoliosis, and one QA almost broke his spine, swinging on a chair at home;

• clearly set your schedule

We think that you need to work every working day, but it is better to work when there is an inspiration; the main thing is not to overuse expectation of it, because who does not work does not eat;

• start your working day with pleasant rituals, just make sure the camera and microphone are turned off 🙂

But seriously, we asked our employees to share real life hacks that help keep themselves in good shape.

Inspiration is allowed 🙂

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