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Internal 2smart project demo

February 5, 2020
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Internal 2smart project demo

We want to tell you something from the internal life of WebbyLab. There are a lot of interesting projects that the company is working on. The number of our employees is growing and people from different teams do not always have an understanding of what else is being developed in the company. Therefore, once a month we conduct an internal demo of one of the projects for all employees. The team prepares a presentation and everyone’s morning begins with an introduction to the funniest and most difficult moments for the entire development of a project. Few months ago we’ve made the presentation of the 2Smart project (platform for smart home automation) in Vienna. Friday morning, January 31, we started with the presentation of 2Smart for our colleagues at the WebbyLab office in Kyiv. The project team prepared an amazing demo, one might even say a magical one (everyone who came across smart home systems knows all these things about temperature and light sensors and what magic can be twisted with their help). They talked about the uniqueness of the platform architecture and its difference from competitors, about the instant synchronization of all web interfaces among themselves, showed in action all the smart pieces of hardware and told how to test it all.

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