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April 9, 2024
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The JavaScript community is constantly evolving and actively implementing tools for working with trending technologies. One such tool is JS-Torch module, inspired by the Python package PyTorch. This module provides an implemented API tensor for objects and comprehensive functionality for designing, running, and training models of various complexities. Our developers have already tried this library for simple PoCs and we see huge potential for its use in web applications. The ability to utilize GPUs directly from a web page or with Node.js, and using JavaScript as the programming language, reduces the entry barrier for JavaScript developers into the world of AI.

Thus, with the help of JavaScript, companies can get engineers who will not have to change the development environment and learn a separate programming language to implement AI-related functionality. Of course, there is no chance of a complete replacement of the stack with Python, but in the future, it is quite likely that it will be possible to take a stand in the AI space and repeat the positive experience of React Native, which allowed to significantly reduce the cost of mobile application development.


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