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Managerial teambuilding

July 22, 2021
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Managerial teambuilding

Everyone who has worked with us at least once knows how seriously and responsibly we approach our work. But how great it is sometimes to switch from important matters and for a while again feel like a carefree child. This is exactly what our management team did 🙂

On June 25th, the guys led by the co-founder and director of #WebbyLab Anton Morozov played lasertag. Yes, everything is like in childhood: 2 teams, you need to capture the base and hold it for a certain time. And even the summer heat did not become a hindrance, because we are not afraid of any difficulties! Moreover, after such activities, everyone was waiting for a rest in a cozy restaurant with delicious treats, cool drinks, and, most importantly, intimate communication outside the office.

We love such events very much and support them in every possible way among the teams. Very soon we will start sharing with you photo reports about other mini-teambuildings in the company.

We wish everyone the same cool team, work and rest with which will only be a pleasure ❤️

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