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2021 at WebbyLab!

December 31, 2021
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2021 at WebbyLab!

We are heading towards new goals in the new year. Since it has become out of fashion to sum up the results of the year, we just recall the key points from the presentation of our CEO Anton Morozov about the main events of 2021 and plans for 2022:

  • budgets for system team buildings were formed, now PM of the company can request funds to spend fun or productive time together with the team;
  • the introduction of regular one-on-one with the people department has become an important part of maintaining a trusting atmosphere in the company and made it possible to identify problems even before they appear;
  • in 2021 our teams prepared 3 baselines (Dev, QA, PM), which now help young professionals to follow the principles and approaches in work that we adhere to at WebbyLab;
  • we continue to work on domain expertises (e-commerce, fintech, IoT) and improve the quality of the projects we are working on;
  • listening to the wishes of colleagues and taking care of their health, we have introduced health insurance for our employees;
  • also a new useful tradition of the company has become a quarterly digest with news and brief summaries of events, so that our guys are aware of everything;
  • we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company with a bright corporate party with cool gifts.

We wish everyone the same productive year!

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