June 12, 2015
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Viktor Turskyi, our Chief Technical Officer presented “JavaScript distributed computing” report at the “KyivJS Meetup” conference.

Viktor Turskyi, our Chief Technical Office presented “JavaScript distributed computing” report at the KyivJS Meetup conference. Design patterns, CSS preprocessors / postprocessors and NodeJS debug tools were discussed as well. “I was once again convinced that JS will take over the world. Excellent guys reports just confirmed this fact. Native applications or processing the large amount of data with the JS are available now, and we were able to see examples directly on the conference. I am very gratefull to the speakers and event organizers! “- commented Maxim Lesnikov, one of the Webbylab’s developers. “An excellent reports on the topics of current interests, as ussial. The most important is that for us it is not just a theory but the every-day working practice we use to achieve the desired results for our customers “- Anton Morozov, WebbyLab’s COO. “The format of the organization is great: everything is clear and easy to understant. Nice atmosphere. I met a lot of new friends and we continued to discuss the Javascript future at the after-party» – shared impressions one of our UI-developers Alexey Zaslavsky. “Before the conference I had almost no understanding of what is Hadoop and MapReduce. In his speech Victor explained not only the basic things, but showed how to get started with an Amazon Elastic MapReduce web service and how to work wtih Hadoop on JavaScript. Recommend every js-developer who is interested in distributed computing” – said Lubomir Mihalchenko, former WebbyLab js-team participant.

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