April 24, 2014
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A talk “Excel with JavaScript” by our CTO Viktor Turskyi was held at the iForum-2014 Conference.

A talk “Excel on JavaScript” by our CTO Viktor Turskyi was held at the Internet Professionals Forum(iForum-2014). The talk was about WebbyLab’s team development of a spreadsheets engine (the engine is compatible with Microsoft Excel models and supports hundreds of thousands formulas) in pure JavaScript, that works without a server – only at the client (browser). A lot of analytical mobile applications, web applications and desktop applications were created on the engine basis. All this became possible due to modern web technologies. The report showed how to get a maximum from the web technologies and create things that seemed impossible. Nowadays, JavaScript is a development language and has a set of great tools for developing large projects. The talk pointed to advantages of using JavaScript in large projects: 1) it showed how to use it (and crosscutting code base) at the frontend, at the backend and at mobile applications, that allows to save system resources. This problem is relevant for many people; 2) the use of the most modern standards. For example , web workers. Many people have heard about the web workers, but not everyone knows when they could give benefits; 3) managing large project dependencies, automated testing (UI and engine separately); 4) JavaScript runtime limitations; 5) architectural solutions that provide flexibility; 6) specific tools, which not everyone knows about. The description of the project creating process was obvious, so even an uninitiated listeners were able to gather useful information about the creation of large-scale projects using the latest web technologies. Presentation video is available at iForum: http://2014.iforum.ua/speaker-turskiy.

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