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Viktor Turskyi on OdessaJS

August 30, 2021
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Viktor Turskyi on OdessaJS

This weekends in Odessa there was a noise (let’s not be afraid of this word) hot summer javascript conference OdessaJS. For 9 years now, this event has been bringing together experts from different directions from all over Ukraine and the world. We are very happy about the Open Air Seaside Weekend format, thanks to which every year the conference becomes an excellent end of the summer for the IT community.

The permanent speaker of the event, #WebbyLab co-founder Viktor Turskiy, made a topical report on what makes you a good developer. DEVELOPERS ‘BASELINE. WHAT IS IT? We discussed fundamental knowledge and skills that every developer should possess: how technologies and systems work, what difficulties can be encountered during work, how to overcome them and how we solve these problems at WebbyLab.

And for those who did not have enough information from Victor, there were 5 more techcorner sessions and interviews.

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