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August 11, 2023
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It’s been almost a year since the opening of the Volunteer Fund at WebbyLab. We want to share our experience!

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion we have transferred UAH 10 686 547,30 to the official account of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the National Bank of Ukraine. In addition, last summer we introduced a Fund that doubles the amount raised by our employees to complete the colleague’s volunteer fundraising. This Fund is aimed at bringing victory closer by providing for the needs of our defenders.

During its existence, we participated in the closing of 66 fundraisings. Night vision devices, drones, vehicles, helmets, thermal imagers, surveillance cameras, chargers, smoke bombs – all this and many other military essentials have been brought to the frontlines. We thank to our 19 activists, you all are incredibly cool! The total amount allocated by the WebbyLab’s Volunteer Fund is UAH 4 015 795,69. We continue to work and actively helpπŸ’™πŸ’›

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