May 12, 2012
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The fifth YAPC::Russia conference together with Ukrainian Perl-Workshop «Perl Mova» was held.

12–13 May, 2012, Kiev. The fifth conference YAPC::Russia combined with Ukrainian Perl-Workshop «Perl Mova» was held. Well-known foreign Perl activists came to Kiev: Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, Gabor Szabo, Florian Ragwitz and Peter Rabbitson. The conference featured more than 200 speakers from 14 countries: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, Belarus, USA, Israel, Cyprus, Uzbekistan, UK, Denmark, France, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Viktor Turskiy (our CTO) introduced Webbylab company at this event. His report “Testing ORM base code” was dedicated to the problems of code testing with DB / ORM-dependence. Viktor voiced several useful rules to facilitate the testing process. Despite the fact that the report was aimed for beginners, Victor answered many complicated questions, because the subject is very interesting and relevant. WebbyLab team is grateful to all participants and organizers for informative presentations and the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge in the programming field. We had so much fun listening to the speeches and participating in discussions.

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