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Why is the discovery phase important?

February 22, 2024
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The evolution of any project development consists of the following stages:

  • emergence and crystallization of an idea;
  • design development and description of functionality;
  • development and testing of the software product;
  • launch and further support.

The client often comes without a clear understanding of the final software product. This may occur due to the significant complexity of the latter or the lack of the necessary expertise of the potential customer. In order to work out the idea, it is better to conduct the Discovery phase, when a team of experts works through the customer’s idea and forms clear requirements for the software product. The results of the Discovery phase in our company will be the following artifacts:

  • business analysis of the future product;
  • description of functional requirements in the form of a technical task or specification;
  • description of non-functional requirements;
  • preparation of the basic architecture in the form of diagrams;
  • basic graphic design of the main pages.

After this stage, you can clearly understand the scope of work and the cost of the future solution. And some of the results of the Discovery phase can be the basis for holding a tender to find a contractor for software development or implementation.

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