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Intersport`s Case Study
Kyiv, Ukraine
E-commerce, Retail
Services provided
Architecture design
Business analysis
Front-end development
Back-end development
Services provided
Architecture design
Business analysis
Front-end development
Back-end development

The brief

Intersport is a leading retailer selling sportswear, sports accessories, clothing, and athletic footwear worldwide. With global turnover of more than $10 billion annually and 6000 stores in 57 countries, the retailer is one of the major players in the industry.

INTERSPORT entered the Ukrainian market in 2015 through an exclusive franchise agreement with the EpicenterK retail center network’s founders. The first stores opened in Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa in October 2016. For more than five years, a powerful network has emerged, which is still growing and presently includes 46 stores.

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The challenge was to develop a custom online shop for the Ukrainian offline store chain Intersport that would include the option to book goods or make purchases online, integrations with existing systems, an online payment system, and APIs for courier companies


The primary challenge was to develop a custom online shop for Ukrainian offline retailer Intersport that includes the ability to book items and make purchases online, as well as integrations with existing internal systems, an online payment system, and APIs from courier companies.

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Software architecture model

Key features

The delivered online shop Intersport enables users:

  • Use check-in option and outlet support;
  • Quickly search for new products
  • Сreate an account, track order status, and compare products by category;
  • Benefit from a flexible system for changing orders by call center operators.


  • We implemented various integrations with existing client data sources (ERP and PIM) and the functionality to import content from client internal systems into the CMS. Our team implemented the capability for managing products and characteristics using Excel files, and configured a two-way exchange of order information;
  • Implemented a user centered design for online shop, enhanced web optimization and site’s speed for search engines which allowed getting 17% organic traffic;
  • As the User Flow evolved, we maintained a convenient and straightforward method for product selection and ordering. Elements style consistency for user instruments facilitates navigation. Since 88% of the target audience prefers to make purchases on their smartphones, the mobile version is designed to be as convenient and user-friendly as possible;
  • The Familiar Screens approach was utilized to develop the UX. Consistency in the style of elements for user instruments facilitates in navigating. Optional login (no sign-in wall) and quick loading (1.1 seconds for the first piece of content) assist our client in increasing conversions and providing the best possible customer experience.
  • With 200k SKUs, the average amount of orders per day reached around 100-150 and 350-400 orders per day on Black Friday.

We used a range of technologies throughout the development process:

Node.js technologies
React technologies
React technologies
Technologies PHP
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