MES for iBASEt

Extended team for transformation Solumina MES
Computer Software
MES for iBASEt

Improvement of the Web application customizability, implementation of a new service for a storing large amount of data


Webbylab has been working with the leading provider of digital manufacturing, MRO (maintenance, repair, and operating supply) and quality software solutions iBASEt since 2019, having built a development team that consolidates a wide range of expertise—software development, quality assurance, as well as application and infrastructure support.

The team managed to improve the overall process of adding new features to the main product, the Solumina Manufacturing Execution System. Solumina is uniquely designed to manage the product lifecycle, beginning with product and process specifications, continuing with the manufacture of component parts, the assembly of the product, and the aftermarket service of each product unit until retirement.

We have successfully implemented a React.js-based framework for building customized versions of the application that allowed the product to be adapted to specific customer needs. Another area was the implementation and support of an internal video streaming service. The whole team works in close cooperation with the company’s Scrum teams in the US, India, and Canada.

React.js, React Native, Node.js, MongoDB

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