Race Scout AMG Mercedes

Online platform for Team Managers, Drivers and Petrolheads
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Race Scout AMG MercedesRace Scout AMG Mercedes

Create “RaceScout” application that helps racing drivers and car enthusiasts find a car that they can rent for a race event or a trackday globally. Help event organizers to acquire more participants. To go live with beta version in 4 months.

The key aspect of success was a full-stack JavaScript team. It allows us to move really fast and utilize resources more effectively. Instead of having 4 teams (backend, frontend, iOS, Android) we need only one, as we use JavaScript for all 4 apps: backend in Node JS, frontend in React, iOS and Android apps in React native. This approach reduces the costs by at least two times over and makes communication with the AMG product team easier. Due to very strict deadlines, AWS (RDS, Fargate with autoscaling, CloudFront, etc.) was the best choice for a scalable infrastructure.
React, Redux, Babel, Node.js, E-charts, Parcel, React Native, Sequelize

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